Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captains: EM Hackett - Portsmouth; JJ Price - NAAFI HQ; FH Hiscock - Chatham in Cmd; J. McLees - Neptune; M. Stanhope - Neptune; RS Wraith - Devonport.

Surgeon Captains: BE Lambert - Naples.

Commanders: JW Birnie - MOD London; MF Jordan - MOD London; JA Lister - Tamar; TP McCLement - London in Cmd; GJ Merrett - RMB Stonehouse; M. Kimmons - MOD London; NOG Knox - Faslane; W. Martin - CINCFLEET; CP Robinson - Andromeda in Cmd; CCG Sharp - MOD London; TNE Williams - MOD London.

Acting Commander: JR Melton - MOD London.

Chaplains: SD Brookes - Haslar; V. Docherty - Nelson; JRN Mullin - Neptune.

Retirements: Vice-Admiral Sir Alan Grose; Capt N. Westberg; Capt FG Craig; Capt WR McLaren.


Lieutenant-Colonels: NM Robinson to be Act Col and to Dept of CGRM.

Majors: PJ Higginson to be placed on the retired list; NPJ House to relinquish the rank of Loc Lt-Col; ST Hartnell to HMS Centurion.


Brigadier: RM Lambe - to HQ UNFICVP.

Colonels: GIG Brett - to IMS Brussels; DMM Stobie - to BMM SAND SAUDI ARABIA; GJ Barrett - to Brit Appts USA Student US Army Cse; VJ Nicholls - to be Comd SPS HQ EDIST; CE Price - to MOD; JH Roberts - to RSRE; CR WATT - To MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: BM Atkins AGC(ETS) - to be CO ASE; JA Calbreath REME - to MOD; RJ Corbett AGC(SPS) - to be Comd SPS W & WDIST; PC Deane RA - to RSA; CJ Eager RA - to RARDE; DR Ellis RAOC - to be Comd Sup W & WDIST; AA Gilbert LI - to BATUS; RJ Kershaw PARA - to be CO IO PARA; MA Lowry R IRISH - to P & EE; RJ White RA - to be CO Cambridge Univ OTC; GH Wilson AGC(ETS) - to be Headmaster DYRMS; MCS Wright RA - to HQ UKLF; MJ Wharmby RAOC - to be CO 5 AB Bde Log Bn; EBC Aitken RAOC - to HQ UKLF; AW Blackett A & SH - to HQ BAOR/HQ BRSC; DCL De Burgh Milne GREN GDS - to MOD; GL Dodgson RA - to be MA OSLO; JB Gunson RAOC - to be CO Ord Svcs BERLIN; ARN Jackson RCT - to IMS BRUSSELS; AKM Miller A & SH - to be CO 1 A & SH; JCR Webb RA Ch D -to be Chaplain HQ Bulford Area; JA Wraith R SIGNALS - to IMS BRUSSELS; AP Farquar GREEN HOWARDS - to RMCS SHRIVENHAM.

Retirements: Brigadier AR Bell Late RMP; Brigadier WIC Dobbie Late RE; Brigadier PP Glass Late REME; Col BG Johnson Late GREEN HOWARDS; Col JR Orde Late AAC; Col CA Lees 10 GR; Col CD McCarthy Late RA; Col RM Vere Late RA.


Air Vice-Marshal: CCC Coville, to be Air Officer Commanding Training Units and Air Officer Training RAF Support Command.

Group Captains: CJ Maskell - to HQ STC; JA McLoughlin - to HQ AC & DRF Newton; DE Larkin - to MOD; RJV Wilcox - to HQ RAFSC.

Wing Commanders: V. Thomas - to OASC RAF Biggin Hill; P. Royle - to PA Hospital RAF Wroughton; SGG Dalton - to Honington; JB Bishop - to MOD DT(F); MJ East - to Belize; CJ Lawrence - to MHQ Pitreavie; SA Hollands - to MOD AFD/AMSO; TP Buckley - to RAF Stanmore Park as stn cdr; SG Appleton - to HQ RAFSC; RH Kinzett - to RAF Laarbruch.