Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captain: BAL Goldman - Dryad.

Commanders: JCW Arthur - Neptune; K. Cordner - Nelson; JH Gordon - Victorious in Cmd; H. Keay - Northwood; GP Ramsay - Monmouth in Cmd; R. Wilson - MOD London.

Surgeon Commanders: ASC Allison - Gibraltar; BJW Pingree - MOD London; PJ Waugh - Daedalus.

Retirement: Rear-Admiral PB Rowe.


Colonels: MRC Hoyal - to HQ Dets(A); ET Hudson - to MS MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: AZA Ciaglinski AGC(ETS) - to CMETS; PE Dennison PARA - to HQ RAO; HCG Gabbey 5 Innis DG - to HQ DRAC; IH Johnson RE - to Army Air Appts (Strike Command); SC Matthews REME - to be Comd HQ REME Corps Troops; PS Murray AGC(ETS) - to HQ Dets(A); HM Osborne PARA - to IMRO(S); CR Romberg RA - to be CO 29 CDO Regt RA; RJ Sandy RE - to HQ UKLF; RC Lloyd-Williams LI - to MOD.

Retirement: Col ACF Smith Late RAOC.