Service appointments

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Rear-Admiral CC Morgan, to be Vice-Admiral and to be Flag Officer Scotland and Northern Ireland in November 1992, in succession to Vice-Admiral Sir Hugo White.

Commodore IDG Garnett, to be Rear-Admiral and Flag Officer Naval Aviation, in succession to Rear-Admiral CHD Cooke- Priest in February 1993.

Commodore MG Rutherford, to be promoted Rear-Admiral and to be Naval Secretary, in succession to Rear-Admiral CC Morgan in October 1992.

Capt JG Tolhurst, to be Rear- Admiral and to be Flag Officer Sea Training, in succession to Rear-Admiral MC Boyce, in September 1992.

Capt RO Irwin, to be Rear-Admiral and Chief Strategic Systems Executive, in succession to Rear- Admiral IH Pirnie.

Captains: FB Mungo - MOD London; MRJ Nestor - MOD London; PD Stone - York in Cmd; RB Lees - MOD London; AE Slater - MOD London; BM Leavey - Manadon; ASL Smith - Northwood.

Surgeon Captain: R. Harland - to be Surgeon Commodore in MOD London.

Commanders: PW Barton - Exchange; JD Bray - MOD London; RA Doxsey - Brilliant; P. Lankester - MOD London; CH Leonard - MOD Bath; RT Love - Ark Royal; P. Matthews - MOD London; AA Rich - Raleigh; DG Snelson - Nelson; JH Broadbent - SACLANT staff USA; AJB Cameron - MOD London; RJ Enock - Cornwall; P. Galloway - Gannet; TJ Macmahon - MOD London; H. Mcfadyen - MOD Devonport; JW Parker - Dryad; AJ Rix - MOD London; ITT Sewell - Dryad; RD Sladden - Rosyth; DAHM Smith - MOD London; DH Durston - Avenger in Cmd; JB Harvey - MOD London; RT Love - Ark Royal; JGP Phillips - Centurion; RA Preece - Portland; NC Preston-Jones - MOD London; RW White - Nelson RNDQ in Cmd; NP Wright - Britannia.

Surgeon Commander: PC Runchman - Plymouth.

Chaplain: NJ Kelly - Dartmouth.

Retirements: Cdr PA Moore; Cdr TC Bunn; Cdr MH Farr; Cdr GJ Smith; Chaplain SP Pickering.


Lieutenant-Colonels: Lt-Col (Act Col) GF Smart to be Col.

Majors: Maj (Act Lt-Col) JQ Davis to be Lt- Col; Maj (Loc Lt-Col) RHG Fulton to be Lt- Col; Maj (Loc Lt-Col) WRD Lash to be Act Lt-Col.


Brigadiers: JH Almonds - to be Comd HQ Trg Gp R SIGNALS; NF Wood - to be comd HQ UKLF; MG Douglas-Withers - to BDLS Canada; MR Frisby - to HQ UKLF; CD Parkinson L/RADC to MOD;

Colonels: CFP Horsfall - Dets (A); TW Payne - to be CO Asts; PR Rostron - to HQ UKLF; PEA Chaddock - to MOD; TLM Porter - to HQ AFCENT (STAFF); RM Yolland - to MOD; MJ Ratclife L/RAMC to HQ UKLF; RA Smart L/RADC to RAM Coll; T. Dalby-Welsh - to MOD; DS Macfarlane - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: CE Cooper D & D - to be OC BATLS KENYA; GC Davies RCT - to MOD; ALD De Hochepied Larpent RRF - to MOD; EA Smith AGC (ETS) - to AES UK; SPB Stevens RA - to ORIO Posts Brit Appts (USA); EJ Torrens-Spence 5 INNIS DG - to be CO 5 INNIS DG; RT Hoole R SIGNALS - to be CO 28 SIG REGT (Northag); MG Le G. Bridges RE - to HQ UKLF; AF Briggs R SIGNALS - to MOD; P. Fraser RCT - to MOD LE(A); PAC Gilham RCT - to HQ BRIGNEPAL; AC Mantell RE - to be CO25 Engr Regt; SS Paul R SIGNALS - to HQ BF CYPRUS; MW Scrase QLR - to be Comdt APSG; RM Venning 2GR - to UK CICC; CN Holman RE - to HQ BAOR/HQ BRSC; KL Cogbill RAMC to 5 Armd Rd Amb; SJ Durnford RAMC to BDS Washington; JH Hardy RADC to 5 Dent Gp; T. Symon RAMC to RBAF; DN Faithfull-Davies RAMC to QEMH; R. Thornton RAMC to HQ DAAC; HAD Kumarasena RAMC to BMH Iserlohn; SP Sahi RAMC to BMH Rinteln; RF Chater SASC (TAT) Hong Kong; GD Guthoit R ANGLIAN - to HQ LANDSOUTHEAST (BAE); J. Haverson REME - to BMM Sang Saudi Arabia; HM Hoey RE - to AFNORTH (Bae); TC Jarvis-Bicknell Kings Own Border - to MOD; CD Bristow AGC (ETS) - to HQ Dets(A).