Service appointments

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Commodore RM Thorn, to be Royal Fleet Auxiliary Type Commander (designate) and in the new post of Type Commander of the RFA Flotilla under CinCfleet full command, from 1 April 1993.

Captains: AK Backus - MOD London; R St JS Bishop - Bonn; TD Elliott - MOD London; LCP Merrick - MOD London; HW Rickard - The Hague.

Commanders: PM Egerton - MOD London; JMR Garland - Northwood; RG Melly - MOD London; ND Savage - Ark Royal; AH Sinclair - Dartmouth.

Chaplains: T. Devamanikkam - Rosyth; J. Green - Staff of FOSF; I. Livingstone - Rosyth; CA Pullman - Staff of FOSF.

Retirements: Cdr P. Bolas; Cdr AP Savage; Cdr IR Whitehouse.


Maj-Gen The Hon TPJ Boyd- Carpenter, to be Deputy Chief of the Defence Staff (Programmes and Personnel), in the rank of Lieutenant-General.

Colonel: TR Bright - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: DR Bill RE - to be CO 39 Engr Regt; MN Carter RA - to RA Posts, Misc Appts (O'Seas); GC Farrington RE - to HQ Eastlant (BAE); T. Glynn AGC (ALS) - to MOD; AC Hellard ACC - to Unicom Team; CL Le Gallais R Signals - to be Comd Comms 15 Sig Regt; MC Le Masurier RPC - to HQ RCZ (BAOR); RG Tomlinson RHG/D - to be Dir of Music RMSM; JE Burgess RAMC to HQ Bulford Area as SMO; R. Whiteoak RAMC to DKMH Catterick.

Retirements: Col MJ Payne Late RE; Col CP Brady Late RAOC; Col WH Clements Late R Irish; Col GE Vaughan Late RCT; Col PB Webster Late R Signals; Col TR Cooper- Tydeman L/RAMC; Col D. Simm-Davis L/ RAMC; Lt-Col NJ Grundy-Wheeler RAMC. .


Air Marshal Sir John Thomson, to be Air Officer Commanding in Chief Strike Command and Commander in Chief United Kingdom Air Forces, in the rank of Air Chief Marshal, in succession to Air Chief Marshal Sir Michael Graydon.

Air Vice-Marshal T. Garden, to be Assisting Chief of the Defence Staff (Programmes).

Air Vice-Marshal JF Willis, to be Air Officer Commanding in Chief RAF Support Command, in succession to Air Marshal Sir John Thomson.

Air Commodores: PDL Gover - to AOC and D of RS; J. Weeden - to MOD.

Group Captains: SN Bostock - to HQSTC; CA Bolton - to NDC Rome; ODL Delaney - to HQSTC; WR Fitzgerald - to PMRAF Hosp Halton; RJ Slater - to HQ Afcent; A. Threadgould - to AWC Maxwell; IS Corbitt - to Pakistan NDC; IB Tiwari - to RAF Hosp Wegberg; SRJ Bellamy - to PA Hosp RAF Wroughton.

Wing Commanders: GS Britton - to MOD(PE) DGSAP: TNJ Pemberton-Pigott - to JSATC Stanbridge; EB Howlett - to HQ STC; FM Denton-Powell - to MOD(PE) D/MAP1; PS Hillier - to ILSI/SM(EFA)1 (RAF); PN Robinson - to SHAPE Int Staff; PR Thomas - to MOD AFD; AS Hargreaves - to RAF Regiment Depot; J. Swinden - to MOD DT(G) Trg Evaluation; AJ Bruce - to HQ STC; PR Reynolds - to RAF Mt Pleasant; E. Cartner - to MOD AFD; GI August - to RAF Cosford; DEW Smith - to NATO Prog Glons; PJ Roberts - to PA Hospital RAF Wroughton; CB Troke - to SA Muscat; GR Agnew - to Exch USA; F. Tiernan - to Exch USA; GL Torpy - to MOD AFD D AIR O; L. Leeming-Latham; A. Sharma - to PA Hosp RAF Wroughton; GE Reid - to PA Hosp RAF Wroughton; AJ Batchelor - to PA Hosp RAF Wroughton; D. Hall - to PMRAF Hosp Halton; CR Bolt - to MOD Harrogate; GS Harker - to CDSE Swanton Morley; CJ Woods - to MOD AFD/AMSO; RG Blake - to SHAPE; MG Saunders - to RAF Valley; BG Bell - to OASC Cranwell; FB McManus - to RAF Hosp Wegberg; RA Stanley - to PMRAF Hosp Halton; DA White - to PMRAF Hosp Halton.