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Service appointments

The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Commander: PE Godwin - Staff of Cincfleet.


Brigadiers: I. McLeod - to be DA/MA PAKISTAN.

Colonels: SCH Ashworth - To HQ BAOR/HQ BRSC; BAC Duncan - to be DA/NA/MA AMMAN; RF Clayton-Jones - to be WARDEN RA ChD Trg Cen & Depot; JJ Holliman - to be Sen Chap HQ 1(BR) Corps; CJ Newbould - to HQ UKLF; EM Powell - to R SIGNALS MRO; NGD Robinson - to HQ The Queens Division.

Lieutenant Colonels: AAA Beattie Queens - to School of Inf (Warminster) HQ; PJ Cable RA ChD - to HQ BF Cyprus; AD Knyvett RA - to HQ DRA; TW Perks REME - to be CO Sch of Aero Engr.

Retirements: Col JA Cooper Late RE; Col MR Cooper Late RE; Col JAE Hawxwell Late REME; Col A. Norman-Bailey Late RAOC; Col GH Peebles Late Gordons; Col AR Redwood-Davies late DWR; Col CC Tomlinson RA ChD.


Air Vice Marshal T. Garden, to be Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Programmes), in succession to Maj- Gen The Hon TPJ Boyd-Carpenter.

Air Vice Marshal AJC Bagnall, to be Assistant Chief of the Air Staff in succession to Air Vice-Marshal T. Garden.

Air Vice Marshal PG Beer, to be Director General of Training and Personnel (RAF).

Air Commodore: JC French - to MOD.

Group Captains: RE Williams - to RAFC Cranwell; MN Evans - to RAFC Cranwell; K. Ashton-Jones - to RAFC Cranwell; PW Henderson - to HQ RAFSC.

Wing Commanders: RGT Hunt - to RAF PMC; I. Ellison - to RAF PMC; CR Bolt - to MOD Harrogate.