Service appointments

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Commanders: DR Cust - ROSM Northwood; PJ Johnston - RNSC Greenwich; PD Mannering - MOD London; VM Meazza - MOD London; DJ Smith - Staff of CINCFLEET.

Retirement: Capt CPC Russell.


Brigadiers: PP Rawlins - to be DA/MA BONN.

Colonels: JN Barclay - to be CO Army Legal Aid BAOR; RD Kinsella-Bevan - to MOD; MA Orwin - to MOD; TB Thomas - to SHAPE Staff (BAE); JRB Cook - to be CO 8 Sig Regt; CW Haskell - to be Comt AA Coll CHEPSTOW; MC Dorward - to HQ BAOR/ HQ BRSC.

Lieutenant-Colonels: JC Campbell REME - to MOD; JA Forrest RCT - to be Comd Tpt & Mov HQ WALES & WDIST; PJJ Kington R SIGNALS - to NACISA; P. Lawless AAC - to be CO 9 Regt AAC; CJ Nisbet RA - to SHAPE Staff (BAE); RAF Pearson 17/21L - to be DA SOFIA; TN Tyler REME - to be Comd Maint - 4 Armd Div HQ & Sig Regt.

Retirements: Brigadier CT Garton Late R SIGNALS; Brigadier AA Hedley Late 16/5L; Col Sir Brian Barttelot Bt Late COLDM; Col JF Johnson Late RE.


Sir Michael Stear, to be Deputy Commander-in-Chief, Allied Forces Central Europe, in succession to Air Chief Marshal Sir Anthony Skingsley.