Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Commanders: CHT Clayton - Beaver in Cmd; JE Dawson - Westminster; AN Du Port - Staff of FO Portsmouth; PN Hibbert - Splendid in Cmd; ND Latham - MOD London; AR Peters - MOD London; MH Rhodes - Staff of CINCNAVHOME.

Surgeon Commanders: NS Bevan - MOD London; DJ Rose - MOD London.

Chaplain: ML Wishart - Portsmouth.

Retirements: Commander JJM Curtis; Commander RJ Edwards.


Maj-Gen AGH Harley, to be Commander British Forces Cyprus and Administrator of the Sovereign Base Areas of Cyprus in March 1993 in succession to Air Vice-Marshal AFC Hunter.

Brigadier: N. Muddiman - to be Comdt ASMT.

Colonels: MLC Jiggens - to MOD; WO Cook - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: RC Leigh AGC(PRO) - to HQ BAOR/HQ BRSC; AS Ritchie RA - to be CO 1 RHA; JM Sweetman R SIGNALS - to MOD; AI Finlayson 16/5L - to ARFPS(BAE); MJ Lock AGC(SPS) - to be Comd Tin 4 Armd Div HQ & Sig Regt; MR Toms RCT - to Staff College; LR Daniell - to 12 Dent Gp; TA Reeves - to RAMC Trg GP & RHQ RAMC.

Retirements Lt-Col RF Higham RADC.


Air Commodore NB Baldwin, to be Assistant Chief of the Defence Staff (Overseas) in February 1993 in the rank of Air Vice-Marshal in succession to Maj-Gen AGH Harley.

Air Commodores: AJ Griffin - to HQ RAFSC; AJ Stables - to HQ Gp; EW Tyack - to MOD.

Group Captains: DA Baron - to MOD; PG Johnson ) to JSDC Greenwich; BE Johnston - to HQSTC; NJ Buckley - to RAF Staff College; JA Broadbent - to Hd of RAF Pres TM; RJ Holt - to MOD; BC Dickens - to RAF Sealand; BJ Poulton - to RAF Brize Norton.

Wing Commanders: RG Williams - to UK MAMS Lyneham; PA Rushmere - to MOD Harrogate; NR Chandler - to HQ RAFSC; AM Welford - to RARAF(H) Wroughton; RH Williams - to RAF(H) Wegberg; AJ Scofield - to TPMH RAF Akrotiri; ME Pedder - to PMRAF(H) Halton; BJ Forward - to 1 HMT RAF Halton.