Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captains: AJC Morrow - Nato; T. Robotham - Shape.

Surgeon Captain: JO Soul - MOD London.

Commanders: PJ Christmas - RNR London; NJ Cowley - RNAS Portland; PC Sanderson - MOD Bath.

Surgeon Commander: JH Gabb - CTCRM Lympstone.

Surgeon Commander (D): MD Hocking - RM Devonport.

Retirements: Rear-Admiral JGR Musson; Surgeon Rear-Admiral F St C. Golden; Surgeon Rear-Admiral DA Lammiman; Capt JP Bond; Capt CH Buckle; Capt JS Chestnutt; Capt SHG Johnston; Capt MS Shallow; Commander GR Baker; Commander JA Bartlett; Commander J. Bennett; Commander PJ Broadway; Commander JO Brown; Commander HR Buchanan; Commander JE Butterfield; Commander RFD Colby; Commander RH Coward; Commander EL Davies; Commander IG Edgeler; Commander RP Elvin; Commander GH Fabian; Commander MWA Fickling; Commander JE Fishwick; Commander JH Loudon; Commander TB Mitford; Commander A. Rose; Commander RA Wilson; Surgeon Cdr DE Day; Chaplain NE Johnson.


Brigadiers: RHT Kirby - to be Dir DCT; G. De VW Hayes - to be Comd 2 Inf Bde & Dover/Shorncliffe Gar; ARE Hutchinson - to be Comd Engr HQ ARRC; DL Judd - to be Comd ES HQ BAOR.

Colonels: GJ Haig - to MOD; IW Fulton - to be PM HQ BAOR; RB Watson - to ASMT; GF Wheeler - to MOD.

Lieutenant-Colonels: MJ Davison RAOC - to RMCS; JRD Kaye RH - to MOD; R. Rook RAOC - to Staff Coll; DJW Baylis R ANGLIAN - to MOD.

Retirement: Col RH Graham late Queens.


Air Marshal Sir Andrew Wilson, to be Air Chief Marshal and to succeed Air Chief Marshal Sir Roger Palin as Air Member for Personnel and a member of the Air Force Board of the Defence Council.

Air Commodore: JR Greig - to PA Hosp Wroughton.

Group Captains: BS Morris - to MOD; GJ Oughton - to CSDE Swanton Morley; BJ Poulton - to RAF Brize Norton; PM Hall - to MOD.

Wing Commanders: PPV Caskin - to MOD London; DE Bentley - to MOD; PR Rowlands - to RAF Uxbridge; D. St Salisbury - to RAF PMC; CR Statham - to RAF Leuchars; JM Kingston - to RAF Chivenor; ID Lindsay - to MOD CVE.