Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Captains: JM Castle - Ordnance Board; GM Heathcote - MOD London; PNE Payne - Staff of CINCFLEET.

Acting Captain: HP May - MOD London.

Commanders: EC Atkinson - Brussels; J. Bruce - MOD London; K. Jones - Daedalus; CPR Montgomery - MOD London; J. Owens - Staff of FOSF; CC Peach - Dartmouth BRNC; WJR Pennefather - MOD London; JRM Prime - MOD London; WK Ridley - Staff of FOSF; JFJ Simpson - MOD London; RAS Turner - Defiance.

Surgeon Commanders: TR Douglas-Riley - Dartmouth BRNC; RW Smith - RNH Gibraltar.

Retirements: Rear-Admiral CHD Cooke-Priest; Rear-Admiral IH Pirnie.


Lieutenant-Colonels: MRL Ward to be Act Col; JR Atter to be Loc Col and to HMS Centurion.

Majors: TA Philpott to be Loc Lt Col and to Nato Defence College Rome; NGB Beyts to MOD DNR; DK Tong to HQ TRF RM; MY Cooke to MOD; EA Gibson to RM Poole; TM Gregory to HQRM for staff of CINCFLEET.

Retirement: Lt-Gen Sir Henry Beverley.


Retirements: Brigadier AP Simm Late Kings; Col M. Stratton Late PARA; Col HG Willmore late Staffords.


Air Marshal Sir Michael Alcock, to be Air Member for Supply and Organisation in the rank of Air Chief Marshal, in succession to Air Chief Marshal Sir Brendan Jackson, and to be a member of the Air Force Board of the Defence Council.

Air Commodore: I. Brackenbury - to MOD.

Wing Commanders: ID Mitchell - to RCMS Shrivenham; AJ Ovens - to MOD London; C. Cruse - to JS Def Coll Greenwich; TP Brewer - to RAF Unit Goose Bay; C. Hellyer - to AC CGS; CC Nash - to SDC Bentley Priory; JG Parker - to RAF Buchan; CN Harper - to US of S(AF); IR Miskelly - to HQ STC; MJ Good - to MOD ACDS; AJ Brookes - to SC Bracknell; JM Kingston - to RAF Chivenor; ID Lindsay - to MOD CVE; ID Mitchell - to RCMS Shrivenham; RI Allan - to HQ RAF (E) 2 ATAF; JP Chitty - to RAF Bruggen; RW Hooper - to HQ RAFSC; AL Lewis - to HQ RAF FTS R Manor; EJ McLean - to HQ STC; GM Nisbet - to HQ RAF Germany; JA Partington - to MOD AFD/D Sig(Air); MG Salter - to CSDE Swanton Morley; I. Sinkinson - to RAF Wyton; BM Thornton - to SM(WPNS)15(RAF); CJ Trigg - to DSpt(Pol)(RAF); PA Turvill - to SM(WPNS)14(RAF) Ldn.