Service appointments

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The following senior Service appointments have been announced by the Ministry of Defence:


Brigadiers: CH Elliot - to be DAR; JQ Winter to be MA MOSCOW.

Colonel: PJ Henderson to HQ ARRC.

Lieutenant-Colonels: AJC Fisher RLC to MOD; JP Hoskinson RE to RMCS; GM Simmonds AGC (ETS) to DGAGC; NS Southward LD to be Comdt Depot HK MSC; CSK Anderson LG to MOD; JSM Edwards RHF to be CO1 RHF; ME Parsons RLC to HQ UKLF; TS Wilson RLC to MOD; HR Cameron REME to RHQ REME.

Retirements: Brigadier RH Hardie Late RAMC; Brigadier CA Brown, Late R SIGNALS; Brigadier SG McK. Gordon Late R SIGNALS; MF John Late RAOC; Col MG Ramsay RMP; Col PR Rostron Late Glosters; Col HM Sandars Late QOH; Col PJ Worthington Late RE; Col NA Barry late RAMC; Lt-Col LGA Clarke RAMC; Lt-Col AFG Groom RAMC; Brigadier DT Kinnear; Col D. Verschoyle Late RE; Col AA Ward Late RAOC; Lt-Col JG Francis RAMC.


Group Captains: MJ Remlinger to SHAPE; HG Mackay to MOD(AFD); RH Beazley to MOD(PE); DE Larkin - to MOD(AFD); PC Butcher - to MOD; DKL McDonnell to HQ 38 Gp; JH Haines to HQ NATO; JD Waters to SC SIGS HENLOW; AJ Fariweather to HQSTC.

Wing Commanders: AN Mitchell to RAF Odiham; PA Blackford to RAF Conningsby; A McB. Davis to RAF Mount Pleasant; TC Hewlett to RAF PMC; RH Day - to DT(SE) (AF)NEWTON; DJ Robinson - to MOD AFD/DGPS (RAF); WS Rooms - to MOD AFD/DIFS; H. Johnston - to MOD AFD/D Air OFF; RM Jenner - to RAF Buchan; RA Forsythe - to HQSTC; DJ Asplin - to HQ 11 Gp; S. Rodda to QHSTC; G. Rayfield to ADMA(AIR); IT Denholm to MOD DGMSI; AJ Pennington to HQSTC.