Sharon Osbourne's tooth falling out is one of the most awkward TV moments ever witnessed

The music manager suffered an oral malfunction while she co-hosted The Talk

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Courtney Love falling off her chair after drunkenly crashing an MTV interview with Madonna circa 1995.

Tom Cruise jumping on Oprah’s couch. Meg Ryan’s frosty response to Michael Parkinson’s existence.

And now this, a new contender for the unenviable title of ‘most awkward TV moment ever’.

Sharon Osbourne literally fell apart in front of an audience’s eyes during her co-hosting appearance on The Talk this week.

The music manager’s tooth broke free from the shackles of her wily gums, so she pulled it out. Much to the horror of her fellow panelists sitting around her.

Cue a quick cut to the commercial break, and Osbourne was able to secure the unstable molar back in position. That was until disaster struck the reality star’s mouth a second time.


“It's not loose,” Osbourne exclaimed. “It fell out and I've stuck it back with some sticky thing and it stuck my lip to my tooth.”