Shia LaBeouf freestyle raps on video, declares himself the 'best to do this' since TuPac

Rap features 'rhymes' such as 'still breaking down potatoes like I’m f***ing Galileo' and other memorable comparisons

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Shia LaBeouf has revealed yet another hidden 'talent' to the world during an energetic freestyle rap battle where he declared himself the "best to do this" since TuPac.

The actor-turned-performance-artist-turned-motivational speaker was filmed demonstrating his emcee skills to a crowd of young people in South Dakota who were apparently too in awe/ confused to step in and challenge him.

The video appears to have been shot before LaBeouf was hospitalised when a stunt involving him putting his head through a glass window for his new film American Honey went wrong.

Some of his unique lyrics included: “I’m so underground rap kids call me Tubman,” and the equally memorable “still breaking down potatoes like I’m f**king Galileo.”

The group’s encouraging noises inspired him with such confidence that he then burst out with “Oh s**t, best to do this since Tupac was doing music!” Right.

LaBeouf channelled his unwavering confidence into an intense motivational speech in June, working with students at Central Saint Martins on their video project, titled #INTRODUCTIONS.

Watch his performance here: