Sinead O'Connor tells Band Aid 30 critics to 'shut the f**k up'

The singer featured on the latest version of the charity single

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Not one to shy away from voicing her opinion, Sinead O’Connor has responded in no uncertain terms to those who have criticised Band Aid 30’s charity track, which raises money for Ebola relief.

The single, "Do They Know It’s Christmas", has been accused of perpetrating stereotypes of Africa. Lily Allen asserts that she declined Bob Geldof’s offer to sing on the "smug" track because she "prefers donating actual money", while Damon Albarn claimed that, "There are problems with our idea of charity."

Emeli Sande, who sings in the project, tweeted a lengthy apology to anyone who was offended over the lyrics of the track, which she tried to edit. Her suggestions didn’t make the final cut.

O’Connor joined Bono, One Direction, Rita Ora, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and Chris Martin to feature in the single, which is currently the UK’s number one.

"I think everyone should shut the f**k up," she told The Telegraph.

"If you didn't like the lyrics you shouldn't have agreed to sing the song.

"I think it's smug of Lily Allen to say it's smug.

"The assumption that anyone performing on the record has not privately given money is exactly that, an assumption.

"And who gives a f**k what Damon f**king Albarn thinks?

"Excuse my honesty, I'm too old for bull***t."

With sales of 312,000 copies in its first week, the track is 2014’s best-selling single, outstripping the 2004 Band Aid 20 rendition, which sold  297,000 in its first week.

The track made £1 million within five minutes of debuting on the X Factor nearly a fortnight ago.

UK chancellor George Osbourne has waived VAT on sales of the charity single, which is available to download now from iTunes for 99p.

The song is now to receive a dance remix by David Guetta, who was approached by Geldof with the idea.