Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart are given permission to join Taylor Swift's squad

The pair gave a dramatic reading of Swift's lyrics

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Sir Ian McKellen and Sir Patrick Stewart have been officially accepted as new members of the Taylor Swift squad after pleading with the singer for permission to join.

Swift amassed a number of singers and supermodels for her revenge-themed 'Bad Blood' video including Cara Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne.

The actors may seem somewhat out of place within that line up, but Swift was persuaded after Stewart tweeted her a dramatic reading of her lyrics and politely asked “May we join the squad?”.

The 22-year-old even crowned them the "ultimate squad goals" and created a collage of some of their finest bromance moments.

Stewart's response was typically understated.

His recital of 'Blank Space' was for NPR's Ask Me Another Segment, while McKellen read words from 'Bad Blood'. It remains to be seen as to whether the pair will actually get to appear on stage with the singer.