Sir John Hurt says he is responding well to chemotherapy as he is knighted by the Queen

The actor is being treated for pancreatic cancer

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Sir John Hurt said he is “feeling good” and responding well to a course of chemotherapy after he was knighted by the Queen for his distinguished acting career.

Sir John, who is known for his roles in The Elephant Man and The Naked Civil Servant, received his Knighthood in a ceremony at Windsor Castle.

The Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy actor is half-way through his treatment for pancreatic cancer and said his oncologist is “extremely optimistic” about his progress.

Sir John, 75, was diagnosed with early stage pancreatic cancer in June but has continued to work throughout his treatment.

"It's extraordinary, I haven't lost weight or anything and I'm feeling good - it's crazy,” he told the Press Association on Friday.

"My oncologist is extremely optimistic, as indeed I am, so everything is going really well. I'm half-way through my chemotherapy and I've got a whole load of tests next week.

"I'm not feeling any of the side effects you're supposed to feel, or at least you can feel, as everybody's different I'm told.”

Sir John has received two Academy Award nominations, a Golden Globe and four Bafta awards throughout his career.