Sky Ferreira asked inappropriate question by Brazilian interviewer in car-crash interview

The Noite host Danilo Gentili asked his female guest about her breasts, tarantulas and crack, but failed to ask her anything about her music

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A car-crash interview took a painfully awkward turn for the worse when a Brazilian host asked singer Sky Ferreira if her album was so popular in the US “because of the t**s”.

The singer, actress and model was appearing on the Brazilian television show The Noite to perform her song ‘You’re Not the One’ from her album Night Time, My Time, which features a cover where her breasts are visible.

Host Danilo Gentili, who was interviewing his guest through a translator, had a copy of her album which he presented to the camera and kept on a stand throughout the segment.

The interview got off to an uncomfortable start almost immediately when the show’s translator asked Ferreira, 21, if she would like him to translate "out loud" or "whisper in your ear", coming close to her face to demonstrate this.

When a bemused Ferreria shrugged and told them both to decide, he leaned close to her again and murmurs: "So... I will be whispering".

Gentili then asked his first and only question of the show that was in anyway related to her music, which was unfortunately: “Do you think everybody loves your work because of the music or also because of the cover ... and because of the tits."

The 'joke' only managed to raise a few faint claps from the audience, before Ferreira responded coolly with: "I'm pretty sure it's because of my work, but it helps if you're a pervert."

The interview continued in a strained manner as Gentili guided the conversation from her music video to a festival that celebrates crack, leading a confused Ferreria to ask “so.. crack’s like a thing here?’

This was followed by a clumsy handshake and an even more clumsy fist pump, before it was thankfully all over.