Snoop Dogg: Rapper launches emotional campaign against guns in the USA with #ImUnloading

The musician is urging Americans to reject gun culture

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Snoop Dogg is fronting a new campaign to disarm America.

The rapper, who once wrote son "No Guns Allowed", is one of the high-profile people heading up a US anti-gun campaign, #ImUnloading.

"How I've been affected by gun violence over the years is through deaths of friends and family members and associates," Snoop says. "I'm unloading for the loved ones that I've lost."

The campaign urges US citizens to go to their financial advisor and demand there are no gun investments in their 401K retirement savings plan - thereby "unloading" it - or visit It is led by charities Campaign To Unload and States United To Prevent Gun Violence.

Other musicians and athletes, including singer Aloe Blacc, have joined the campaign. Blacc said the reason he was anti-gun was because of the effect it has on young people. "I've been to the juvenile detention centres, and I've met dozens of young kids - babies, really - who have been affected by gun violence," he said.


Snoop has been personally affected by gun violence in the past as he was charged with several charges, including murder, in 1993 after his bodyguard McKinley Lee was accused of shooting Phillip Woldemariam. Snoop and Lee were both acquitted after years of legal wrangling.