Sofia Vergara 'popped Reese Witherspoon's ovary' in on-set fight

The actress ended up in ER following a particularly heated scene

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Whatever you do, don’t anger Sofia Vergara.

The fiery Modern Family actress taught Reese Witherspoon a valuable lesson as they shot a fight scenes for their new comedy Hot Pursuit.

Admitting she got a little carried away, Vergara said on the Ellen DeGeneres Show: "I sent her to the emergency room. Something with internal bleeding."

"I thought my appendix had burst," Witherspoon responded, staying quiet at first about the mystery injury she endured.

"I push her and I push her and I kept telling her I think I'm pushing you too hard and she was like 'No, do it real,'" Vergara continued.

"I was like, 'Push me hard!'" Witherspoon said.

"I was like this in the sofa and I popped her ovary,"  Vergara adds, to shocked roars of laughter from the studio audience. "I pop her ovary."


"It's clearly something that happens in Colombia, that popped your ovary. I don't know what happened," Witherspoon added.

Hot Pursuit hits the UK on 31 July 2015.