Sol Campbell considering entering politics with the Conservatives: 'It is very important for the black vote'

The retired footballer is ready to “have a conversation” with the Tory party

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Sol Campbell is considering taking an active role within the Conservative party because it’s “important for the black vote”.

“[Let’s have] a conversation just to see where they want to go with things,” he said.

“I think something has got to be offered for me to really think about it.

“I have got so much to offer. I think it is very important for the black vote.

“If the ‘black vote’ votes it will clearly push someone over the line. I am for getting people from my background to vote.”

However, it wouldn’t be a decision he’d take lightly.

“If I am a consultant for the government then you can do your stuff but not be left with nowhere to manoeuvre,” Campbell said talking at the Cheltenham Literature Festival.

“Politics is very hard work. You have to really commit to things. Some people get into it for the wrong reasons.”

Last week, the retired footballer voiced his frustrations about Labour’s proposed Mansion Tax, in which owners with properties worth more than £2million will face an annual charge.

He said on Twitter that Labour are “are the grim reaper of business entrepreneurs or anyone that has done well”.

Campbell also said that the Football Association are finally addressing the racism he alleges exists within the sport.

In March, the former sportsman claimed that he would have been England captain “for more than 10 years” if he was white.

He hopes that  FA chairman Greg Dyke will help change the situation.

 “Greg Dyke has come out and said there is a problem, officially,” Campbell said.

“Some people just couldn’t handle the things I was saying. Now Greg Dyke has come out and said there is a problem and there are other problems associated with the FA that come from race. Thank God someone’s actually said something.

“A lot of people didn’t believe me, but now they are starting to believe,” the former England defender added. “Talk is cheap, but hopefully things can start to move on and include inclusion.”