Sport Relief 2014: Comedian Russell Brand mocks Wayne Rooney on Match of the Day special

The comedian said the United player's goal didn't compare to David Beckham's famous 1996 strike

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Russell Brand poked fun at Wayne Rooney during an appearance on Match of the Day as part of a Sport Relief special.

The comedian joined regular presenters Gary Lineker and Alan Shear, as well as Brazilian World Cup-winning footballer Leonardo, on the BBC show on Saturday night.

Brand, a self-confessed West Ham fan, watched his team lose 2-0 to Manchester United in the Premier League game.

But he played down Rooney’s impressive goal, claiming that “Beckham did it better”.

Brand was asked to compare the strike to Golden Ball’s memorable goal against Wimbledon in 1996.

"I think David Beckham's goal is a very beautiful and iconic goal, and wasn't immediately preceded by some terrible elbow work,” he said.

"I would have to say David Beckham's [goal was better]… Ultimately, this is a day where we have to focus on the injustices that preceded Rooney's goal."


Brand, who had vowed not to say anything "crazy" during his appearance, did admit that he had been a “terrible” footballer as a child – but he added that he had always wanted to appear on Match of the Day.

Making the most of the opportunity, he snapped a series of selfies during the programme, which he posted to his Twitter account.

On Twitter, there were mixed reactions to his appearance.

Users who enjoyed the show included @joey_muldoon, who tweeted: "Russell Brand on Match of the Day, pretty impressive."

And @ARichardson93 said: "Russell Brand was brilliant on Match of the Day last night."

But others expressed their disdain of the choice, including @mcfelliot, who tweeted: "There's nothing more out of place than Russell Brand on Match of the Day."

And @fin1991Official said: " Pretty cool how Match of the Day will have Russell Brand as a pundit before an actual sports journalist. And by cool, I mean bloody annoying."

Sport Relief raised a record-breaking £51.2 million in its fundraising telethon on Friday night. The final figure is yet to be released.