Stephen Hawking's daughter Lucy on how The Theory Of Everything brought her to tears

Daughter of the world's most famous scientist has said that watching the film was a profoundly moving experience

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Stephen Hawking's daughter Lucy has told of how the experience of seeing her father on screen was "astonishing" - and why people shouldn't be surprised that he's funny.

Hawking, who is a children's author, told Grazia of how the Oscar-winning film, which stars Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones, even mirrored a dream she has of her father.

"There’s a bit towards the very end of The Theory Of Everything where my father goes into a dream world and stands up and walks," she said. "It’s exactly like a dream I have, which was astonishing to watch, because I’ve never actually seen him stand up."

Describing the highs and lows of being the scientist's daughter, Hawking said that his disability sometimes made family life a challenge. "Day-to-day, my father’s in a wheelchair, he’s profoundly affected by motor neurone disease and there are elements which are very mundane and challenging," she said.


"But then you have these totally incredible moments where you’re going somewhere amazing and watching him get mobbed by fans."

Hawking added that she felt people shouldn't be surprised that the physicist has a sense of humour. "People sometimes forget that people with disabilities have personalities," she told the magazine. "When you think of what he goes through in terms of day-to-day survival, his sense of humour probably helps keep him alive."

She added that she had "tears in my eyes" when Redmayne took home the Oscar for Best Actor.

Stephen Hawking's ex-wife Jane Hawking has also praised the film, in which Felicity Jones played her. Describing Jones' work as "astounding", Hawking said: "I thought: 'How can I be on the screen and in a cinema seat at the same time?'"

Stephen Hawking is to appear on the BBC on Friday night in a comedy sketch with David Walliams for Red Nose Day.