Stephen Sutton: Teen cancer sufferer admits ‘there always will be anger’ after his now terminal illness went undiagnosed for months

The 19-year-old blogger was readmitted to hospital over the weekend

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Stephen Sutton, the fundraising teenage cancer sufferer, has admitted that he still feels angry that his illness was left undiagnosed by doctors for six months and became terminal.

The 19-year-old blogger, who has raised more than £3million for the Teenage Cancer Trust by documenting his own three-year battle with multiple tumours, said that while the NHS had "been brilliant" on the whole, that "there always will be anger".

"If it had been caught earlier, it could have led to a better prognosis," he told the Daily Mail.

"It could have changed the situation. But even saying that, I'm not one to dwell on the past. It is what it is."

Sutton was first diagnosed with bowel cancer when he was just 15. But despite receiving treatment, his tumours spread, and by December 2012, he was told his condition was incurable.

After what he described as a "miraculous recovery" two weeks ago, during which he coughed up a tumour, he was re-admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham over the weekend.


Writing on Facebook, he posted: "Unfortunately today I've ended up back in hospital. I had some breathing difficulties starting last night and after going to A&E have been admitted back to a ward for monitoring.

"I've still got the cough, then quite quickly developed a wheeze in my breathing and breathlessness upon any physical exertion.

"There's no immediate panic and I'm currently quite stable - I have been put on nebulisers and other meds which are currently helping my symptoms hugely."

Sutton’s inspirational story continues to attract support from the famous. Russell Brand, Stephen Fry, Prime Minister David Cameron and Simon Cowell have been among the high profile names to lend their faces to his cause.

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