Super Bowl: Tim Cook mocked for sharing blurry photo after Denver Broncos win

'Shot on an iPhone 7'

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Sharing a blurry image on your (presumed to be) iPhone is probably not the wisest move when you are the CEO of Apple. 

Tim Cook is getting a lot of stick this morning for an in-the-moment photo he shared from the Super Bowl 50 as he celebrated the Broncos’ win, which was unfortunately a tad on the blurry side. 

The photo sparked a deluge of unforgiving tweets ridiculing the Apple boss and wondering if it was captured with an iPhone or an iPad, with some jokingly suggesting the image probably wasn't a ringing endorsement for his products.


At least Cook wasn't the only high-profile person to misjudge something at the Super Bowl. Empire actress Taraji P. Henson made arguably the biggest blunder of all by excitedly tweeting about watching Maroon 5 as she was stood dancing along to Coldplay during the half-time show. 

After being ribbed on Twitter, Cook shared another picture from the Super Bowl which was actually in focus.