The spectacular moment Susanna Reid accused Downton Abbey actor Dan Stevens of trading sexual favours for film roles

The Good Morning Britain presenter's poorly phrased question about competition for a role leaves the studio in fits of laughter

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Susanna Reid asked Dan Stevens how many men he’s “beaten off” in Hollywood on Good Morning Britain, displaying an impressive lack of innuendo know-how that will entertain us at regular intervals throughout the day.

So how did the presenter come to unintentionally accuse the Downton Abbey actor of doing sexual favours in return for his new role?  She asked him innocently about the competition in landing his part in forthcoming film The Guest, just using an unfortunate turn of phrase.

“This [role] is you as an all-American and a big opportunity for you in Hollywood – you must have had to beat off a lot of American men,” she said.

Stevens erupts into laughter, as does a few other members of the Good Morning Britain Team. But the penny still doesn’t for the pure-minded Reid, who kindly proceeds to ask the question again – just in case the actor misunderstood.

“Why does that make you giggle? Did you not have to beat them off? With a big stick?”

More laughter ensues, at which point Ben Shepherd sadly delves into the rescue, bringing the awkward show to a close.

“I imagine there were a lot of other men up for the role as well?” he asks.

Stevens continues to laugh and Reid gets cross and tells him to “compose himself”.