Susanna Reid valiantly attempts to hide breakfast on Good Morning Britain, fails miserably

'Sneaky bit of footwork Susanna'

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Susanna Reid highlighted the perils of live television when her attempts at concealing the remains of her breakfast were spotted by eagle-eyed viewers of Good Morning Britain (GMB).

The presenter was seen carefully edging a plate of food under her desk with her foot as the camera swooped in on her and her co-presenters Charlotte Hawkins and Kate Garraway.

Reid proved herself to be ever the consummate professional as she introduced the top stories for Tuesday’s programme, maintaining a straight face while sliding the plate underneath her desk.

Alas, despite her best efforts, the plate-sliding incident was picked up by one Instagram user, who captioned this video with "sneaky bit of footwork Susanna".

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The 44-year-old later owned up to the incident on Twitter, where it seemed her unsuccessful attempts only served to endear her more to GMB viewers.