Taylor Swift and Lisa Kudrow unite for a rendition of Smelly Cat in final 1989 LA show

Swift continues to pull out the famous faces for her 1989 tour

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Taylor Swift's 1989 tour is fast becoming more memorable for the famous faces appearing on stage than the singer's performances.

Ellen DeGeneres, Julia Roberts, Alanis Morissette and John Legend are among just a few of the guests to share a stage with Swift during her concerts.

But arguably the highlight of all of these cameos was Lisa Kudrow's duet with Swift for the song "Smelly Cat", made famous by Kudrow’s character Phoebe on Friends.

Justin Timberlake was supposed to be the guest of honour for the night, but the crowd seemed more excited about this performance than his return to the stage since becoming a father.

Kudrow clearly enjoyed reviving one of the most enduring songs from the series, tweeting afterwards: “So Taylor Swift is the best person I’ve ever met. That was fun. Thanks Taylor.”

Her fellow Friends star Matt le Blanc made an appearance on Saturday, where he was introduced as the "number two model in the world" after strutting his stuff with professional models.