Taylor Swift Shake It Off mash-up video made by Oxford Union in effort to persuade star to visit

Stephen Fry, Morgan Freeman and John McCain feature in video

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One of the world's most famous debating societies has created a 'Shake It Off' mash-up  video featuring several famous faces in an effort to convince Taylor Swift to visit them.

Established in 1823, the Oxford Union has hosted a number of internationally recognised figures, such as Stephen Fry, Morgan Freeman, Senator John McCain and more.

But Swift has yet to appear before the society, leading its members to issue a plea they hope she won’t be able to ignore.

Charles Vaughan, the President of the Union, said it had been unable to book Swift in the past because of her touring schedule and were keen to get her attention with the video.

He told The Independent the mash-up took a team seven days of trawling through footage and editing to arrive at the finished product.

"There were two people working on the video editing, two people trawling through the catalogue of videos, and the rest of our committee was helping by suggesting changes," he said.

"Taylor Swift is an international sensation who does not just produce enjoyable music but has become a contemporary cultural icon. The Oxford Union hosts some of the world’s most influential speakers and celebrities, and Swift is one of the most exciting performers today who appeals to such a broad range of audiences.

"Any artist who can create a single which has one billion views on YouTube is someone particularly special.

Mr Vaughan said the video had received a positive reaction from people inside and outside of Oxford.

"It’s wonderful that many people outside of Oxford have got in touch with us too saying how much they enjoy the video," he added.

"We are pleased that people have seen a different and more fun side to the Oxford Union, and hope they will continue to follow us online."