The Information on: `Les Ballets Trockadero'

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What Is It?

The men-in-frocks Russian dance troupe is back in Britain to celebrate its 25th anniversary. Their trademark parodies of classic ballets include Swan Lake, as well as spoofs of modern choreographers such as Merce Cunningham. Their enduring appeal derives from the fact that the hairy men in tutus have names such as Olga Supphozova, Margaux Mundeyn and Svetlana Lofatkina, and highlight some of the absurdities of ballet, while exhibiting considerable technical prowess and a genuine affection for their subject matter.

What They Say About It

"In Swan Lake and in Paquita, we are meant to be impressed by the supposed virtuosity of men dancing on point... Clowning is what they do best, and it doesn't help to suggest otherwise," John Percival, The Independent.

"The choreographic glories of the Imperial ballet are allowed to shine through the cheap laughs. And what a performance from Robert Carter, aka Olga Supphozova, who could give any real ballerina a run for her money," Debra Craine, The Times.

"The Trocks `perform' women better than they do men, but what is interesting is how close some of the men playing the parts of principal ballerinas are to the real thing," Josephine Leask, The Guardian.

"Last year, the company appeared preoccupied with technique at the expense of quipping. This time they are tip-top," Anne Sacks, Evening Standard.

Where You Can See It

Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo are performing at the Peacock Theatre, London WC2 (0171-863 8222) until 25 Sept