This is the glorious moment Russell Brand incurred the anger of the hungry RBS worker with a cold lunch

Forget Nigel Farage, the comedian finally met his nemesis

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Russell Brand delayed a RBS worker from eating his lunch after his latest stunt and it was not received well by the worker in question.

Jo from Northern Ireland wrote an open letter to the comedian, which has since gone viral, bemoaning that he’d been forced to stand in the “freezing cold for half an hour on your whim”, after security had locked doors to the building.

The stunt also caused his recently bought paella lunch to go cold. Forget Nigel Farage on Question Time, Brand had finally met his nemesis.

“It looks like you're challenging the system and the powers that be want your voice suppressed. Or something. But all it really means, behind the manipulative media bullshit, is that you don't have an appointment,” he wrote.

Brand has since responded, pledging to replace his paella and apologised for “being lairy”.

But the video below is the moment Brand met his hungry, cold nemesis outside the RBS bank. The comedian begins by talking about the alleged corruption of RBS, bankers bonuses and how he’s here as part of a film he’s making with Michael Winterbottom about “financial inequality”.


Jo from Northern Ireland pushes past him angrily.

“I’m not having a go at your mate,” said Brand following him to the closed doors.

“You want to talk about inequality? My lunch is going cold and I can’t get into my office,” said Jo.

Brand is undeterred.

“I’m assuming you weren’t one of the people who received a bonus of £500 million worth of bonuses last years,” he said.

When Jo from Northern Ireland agrees that no, he was not among the elite few to have been awarded such monetary gains, but he really would just like to eat his lunch inside, Brand continues.

 “Do you think it’s me who’s in charge with closing the doors? No, they closed the doors. Do you remember at school when they said, ‘Russell’s been naughty so we’ll all have to stay behind’? Do you remember that?”