This is what happens when you ask Russell Brand how much his house costs

The comedian's chat with one Channel 4 News presenter quickly slid into finger jabbing rant territory when the question of his rent came up

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The sight of Russell Brand descending, petition in hand, onto Downing Street to give No.10 a piece of his mind over social housing was no doubt met with cheers (from protesters) and groans (from everyone else) yesterday afternoon.

The comedian marched arm-in-arm with residents of Hackney’s New Era estate to demonstrate against US property owner Westbrook, currently threatening 93 families with eviction.

He also stopped off to have a chat with a Channel 4 news presenter. A chat which quickly slid into finger-jabbing rant territory when the subject of how much the millionaire actor’s house actually costs him came up live on TV:

 The interviewer suggested that part of the reason why housing prices were rising beyond the affordable level in London was that the super-rich were buying up all the property in central areas for extortionate amounts. He then asked: “How much did you pay for your place?”

“It’s rented,” Brand retorted.  “I’m not here to talk about my rent, mate.”

An angry verbal joust ensued, before a protesting woman was thrust into shot to shout:  “At least Russell Brand is standing up regardless of how big his house is… David Cameron isn’t prepared to come out of his big house and help us, but Russell Brand has.”

“Snides like you undermine it,” Brand ended his performance, pointing at the reporter.

“You’re a snide.”


The petition in Brand’s no doubt clammy palm was signed by by 294,000. Around 400 people took part in the protest.

Rent on the Hoxton estate will apparently shoot up from £650 to £2,000 after the development.

However, Westbrook apparently hand-delivered letters to all the tenants on Sunday promising not to increase rent until December 2015.

 “There will be no changes to the tenancy agreements and no increase in rents during the first half of 2015,” the letter issued to the tenants reads.

 “To help us work with you more closely we will also be appointing a dedicated tenant liaison officer… We understand the accusations about us and our plans have caused concern and distress amongst tenants, so we hope that these commitments provide some further reassurance.”