Tim Dog, rapper accused of faking his own death, is 'confirmed as dead'

It was suggested that the rapper was still alive and avoiding debt repayments

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Rapper Tim Dog – who was rumoured to have faked his own death to avoid paying off debts – actually died on 14 February 2013 of a seizure linked to diabetes, according to US news reality programme Dateline NBC.

He was 46.

The rapper – real name Timothy Blair – was known for his track “F**k Compton” that criticised West Coast rappers. He released two more solo records and two others with Kool Keith.

It was reported that Blair had died on 15 February 2013, although his death was rumoured to be suspect after a recording entitled “Falsified” emerged allegedly featuring the rapper’s voice.

Neighbours claimed that they had seen Blair with his wife and daughter near his apparent home in Fairburn, Georgia, up until April this year.

Claims surfaced that he had faked his death to avoid paying off debts owed to a woman that he was found guilty of defrauding in 2011. Blair met Mississippi woman Esther Pilgrim through a dating website four years before and eventually defrauding her of $32,000.

He pleaded guilty to grand larceny, was sentenced to five years’ probation and was ordered to pay back the $19,000 that he stole from Pilgrim.

A memorial for the rapper was cancelled amid the claims, although Blair’s wife never commented on the speculation. No public record of his death could be found, provoking further suspicion over his passing.

However, Dateline NBC has since reportedly traced his death certificate, which was apparently difficult to find because it was filed in the country he died in, rather than the county he was thought to be living.