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The Earl of Airlie, Lord Chamberlain, 69; Vice-Admiral Sir Thomas Baird, 71; Marshal of the RAF Sir Michael Beetham, 72; Mr Keith Bradley MP, 45; Sir Rodric Braithwaite, former ambassador to Russia, 63; Professor Donald Cameron Watt, historian, 67; Miss Sue Carpenter, broadcaster, 39; Mr Geoffrey Caston, former Vice-Chancellor, University of the South Pacific, 69; Sir Charles Cawley, former chief scientist, Ministry of Power, 88; Mr Bhagwat Chandrasekhar, cricketer, 50; Professor John Craggs, former Professor of Electrical Engineering, Liverpool University, 80; Mr Hugh Dykes MP, 56; Mr Tenniel Evans, actor, 69; Sir John Garlick, former senior civil servant, 74; The Right Rev Ian Griggs, former Bishop of Ludlow, 67; Sir Ronald Halstead, deputy chairman, British Steel, 68; Dr Raymond Hide, former Research Professor in Physics and Earth Sciences, Oxford University, 66; Mr Colin Hope, chairman and chief executive, T & N, 63; Mr Simon Hughes MP, 44; Mr John Iles, actor, 41; Mr Sugar Ray Leonard, boxer, 39; Mr Peter Mennin, composer, 72; Sir Eric Mensforth, former president, Westland Aircraft, 89; Miss Birgit Nilsson, operatic soprano, 73; Sir Alec Ogilvie, former chairman, Powell Duffryn, 82; Lt-Gen Sir Douglas Packard, 92; Sir Edward Playfair, former senior civil servant, 86; Lord Tombs, former chairman of Rolls-Royce, 71; Captain Sir Miles Wingate, former deputy master, Trinity House, 72; Lt-Gen Sir David Young, former GOC, Scotland, 69.