University appointments

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HONORARY DEGREES: Doctors of Science: Sir Richard Rogers; Professor Roger Penrose; Dr Richard Roberts; Professor Sir David Phillips; Professor Dr-Ing Wolfgang Backe. Master of Arts: Mr Mervyn Peters.


Registrar and Secretary: Mr Nick Andrew.

HONORARY DEGREES: Doctors of Letters: Mr Peter Mountain; The Rev Kathleen Richardson; Ms Jenni Murray. Doctor of the University: Mr Gordon Caswell Dennison. Doctor of Engineering: Dr Alan Rudge.


Stanley Hugh Badock Chair in Music: Professor Jim Samson.

HONORARY DEGREES: Col Sidney J. Watson; Sir Alan Battersby; Professor Lord Butterfield; Mr Michael Wong Pakshong; The Duchess of Kent; Mr Michael D. Buerk; Tunku Tan Sri Dato 'Seri Ahmad bin Tunku Yahaya; Mr J. Andrew S. Burn; Professor J. Medem Sanjuan; Professor Morna D. Hooker-Stacey; Baroness Seear; Mr P. John L.



CORPUS CHRISTI COLLEGE: Honorary Fellowships: Sir Murray Stuart-Smith; Sir Geoffrey Littler; Mr Richard E. Armstrong; Professor Colin Blakemore.

PETERHOUSE: Official Fellowship: Andrew Michael Lindsay Lever.


HONORARY DEGREES: Doctors of Science: Mr Tam Dalyell MP; Professor Robert McC. May; Professor Sir Ernest Ronald Oxburgh; Professor Emeritus William Cochran; Dr Yasuo Kato. Doctors honoris causa: Sir Francis McWilliams; Dr R. Neil MacGregor; Mr Donnie Munro. Doctors of Science in Social Science: Ms Sheila McKechnie; Professor Anthony B. Atkinson. Doctors of Music: Dr Anthony C. Baines; M Jean-Claude Risset. Doctor of Divinity: Professor Rosemary R. Ruether. Master of Arts: Mr A. Campbell Paterson. Doctor of Letters: Mr John B. Tuckwell. Doctor of Laws: Professor William L. Twining. Doctor of Medicine: Professor Jack P. Whisnant. Bachelor of Science: Mr Alexander Purdie.


HONORARY DEGREES: Doctors of Law: Mr John Smith (posthumously); Professor William Adam Wilson (posthumously); Lord Mackay of Clashfern. Doctors of Letters: Emeritus Professor Angus McIntosh; Emeritus Professor Hans Wolfgang Singer. Doctors of Science: Professor Stephen Jay Gould; Emeritus Professor Edward McCombie McGirr; Professor Volker Hermann Alfred Soergel. Doctors of Engineering: Sir Eric Albert Ash; Sir Jack Zunz. Doctors of the University: Daisaku Ikeda; David Cameron Lindsay.

Principal: Professor Graeme Davies.


Chairs in Psychology: Professor David Canter; Professor Robin Dunbar. Professor of Chemistry: Dr Robert Johnstone. Professor of Physics: Dr John Dainton. Professor of Medicine: Dr Malcolm Jackson. Professor of Tropical Medicine: Dr Malcolm Molyneux. Professor of Civil Engineering: Dr John Bungey.

HONORARY DEGREES: Doctors of Laws: Chau Cham-Son; Lady Howe of Aberavon; William Stothart; Sir Donald Wilson. Doctor of Veterinary Science: Barry Johnson. Doctor of Science: John Maddox. Doctor of Medicine: Professor Averil Mansfield. Doctor of Music: Noel Rawsthorne. Doctor of Letters: Sir Peter Shepheard.


KING'S COLLEGE: Presentation Fellows: Lord Alexander of Weedon; Mr Richard Eyre; Lord Porter of Luddenham. Fellows: Professor Harold Baum; Sir Louis Blom-Cooper; The Rev Professor Leslie Houlden; Professor Trevor Jones; Mr Harry Musselwhite; Professor Curtis Price; Mr John G. Williams. Chair of German: Professor Jeremy Adler. FD Maurice Chair of Moral and Social Theology: The Rev Dr Michael Banner. Chair of History and Philosophy of Religion: Professor Paul Helm. Chair of Late Antique and Byzantine Studies: Professor Judith Herrin. Chair of Nutrition and Dietetics: Dr Tom Sanders. Professor of Neonatology: Dr Harold Gamsu. Professor of Nutrition: Dr Catherine Geissler. Professor of Philosophy of Science and Mathematics: Dr Donald Gillies. Professor of Biophysical Chemistry: Dr Walter Gratzer. Professor of Optoelectronics: Dr Trevor Hall. Professor of Paediatric Hepatology: Dr Giorgina Mieli-Vergani. Professor of Geography: Dr Linda Newson. Professor of Pharmacology: Dr Clive Page. Professor of Hepatology: Dr Roger Williams.


INSTITUTE OF HISTORICAL RESEARCH: Professor Emeritus of History: Professor Christopher Elrington. General Editor of the Victoria History of the Counties of England: Dr Christopher Currie. Deputy Editor of the Victoria History of the Counties of England: Dr Alan Thacker.


HONORARY DOCTORATES: Professor Michael Smith; Judge Sir Michael Sachs; The Right Rev Stanley Booth-Clibborn.


HERTFORD COLLEGE: Principal: Dr Angus D. Mcintyre, 1 August 1995. Honorary Fellowships: Dr Manmohan Singh; Sir David Cox. Non-

Stipendiary Research Fellowship: Dr Anthony Heyes. Gwilym Gibbon Fellowship: Mr Stuart Taylor. Associate Membership: Dr Eve Roman.


Professor of Applied Mathematics: Dr MJ Baines. Professor of English: Dr JB Bullen. Professor of Mycobiology: Dr MW Dick. Professor of Language in Education: Dr VK Edwards. Professor of Psychology: Dr FP McKenna. Professor of Environmental Sedimentology: Dr K. Pye. Professor of Chemical Kinetics: Dr R. Walsh. Reader in Psychology: Dr DC Berry. Reader in Italian History: Dr CJH Duggan. Reader in Surface Science: Dr P. Hollins. Reader in the Biochemistry of Atherosclerosis: Dr DS Leake. Reader in Food Chemistry: Dr DS Mottram. Reader in Soil Science: Dr S. Nortcliff. Reader in Accounting: Dr DE Purdy. Reader in History of Art: Dr EC Robertson. Reader in Music: Dr R. Samuel. Reader in Physical Meteorology: Dr KP Shine. Senior Lecturer in Education Studies and Management: Dr KJ Brehony. Senior Lecturer in Construction Management and Engineering: Mr KT Bright. Senior Lecturer in History: Dr AE Curry. Senior Lecturer in Agriculture: Dr RJ Esslemont. Senior Lecturer in Law: Mr PR Ghandhi. Senior Lecturer in Politics: Dr RJB Jones. Senior Lecturer in Geography: Dr AM Mannion. Senior Lecturer in Cybernetics: Dr RJ Mitchell. Senior Lecturer in Mathematics: Dr DSG Stirling.

HONORARY DEGREE: Doctor of Letters: Sir Donald Hawley.


Vice-Chancellor: Professor Howard Newby. Director of the Economic and Social Research Council: Professor Ronald Amann. Academic Registrar: Mr Rex Knight. Chair of Geotechnical Engineering: Dr William Powrie. Chair of Psychology: Professor Steven Harnad. Personal Chairs: Dr AE Davies (Electrical Engineering); Mr NJJ Gaskell (Law); Dr RF Grimble (Nutrition); Dr W. Hall (Electronics and Computer Science); Mr AF Rutherford (Law); Dr K. Sharpe (History); Dr CJ Skinner (Social Statistics). Reader in Education: Dr RS Usher. Senior Lectureships: Dr P. Middleton (English); Dr WJ Marshall (French); Dr AP Hart (School of Education); Dr JR Calvert (Mechanical Engineering); Dr GG Swinerd (Aeronautics and Astronautics); Dr JK Sykulski (Electrical Engineering); Mr J. Montgomery (Law); Dr CP Please (Mathematical Engineering); Dr AD Fitt (Mathematical Studies); Dr TP Fleming (Biology); Dr MC Grossel (Chemistry); Dr PJ Statham (Oceanography); Dr AES Kemp (Oceanography); Dr EJ Milton (Geography); Dr BH Blott (Physics); Mr JEV Johnson (Accounting and Management Science); Mr NAD Connell (Accounting and Management Science); Dr M. Ni Bhrolcain (Social


HONORARY DEGREES: Doctors of Science: Dr John Ellis; Mr Clive Foxell; Professor Jack Howell; Mr Ben Sanders. Doctor of Letters: Ms Victoria Glendinning. Doctor of Laws: Ms Margaret Rothwell.


Professor of Computing Science: Dr Alan Dearle.

HONORARY DEGREES: Sir Peter Barclay; Professor Lalage Brown; Professor George Dunnet; The Very Rev Professor James Whyte; Professor Frank Rhodes; Professor Donald MacKay.


Chair in Experimental Psychology: David Norman Stephens. Professor of Geography: Helen Rendell. Professor of Information and Communication Technology Policy: Robin Mansell. Professor of Electronics: Paul Frank Lister. Professorial Fellow of Development Studies: Christopher Colclough. Professorial Fellow of Development Studies: Robert Wade.