Usain Bolt dancing to the Proclaimers was hands down the best moment of the Commonwealth Games

Let's face it, it was slim pickings at the sports championships in Glasgow this year. But this is pretty funny

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We’d like to start by personally thanking Usain Bolt for the heads-up, at least in reference to the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony – one of the driest pieces of live television we have ever had the misfortune of witnessing.

Bolt hit the headlines last week after he described the sports championship as "a bit s**t" to a journalist at The Times, shortly after meeting Prince Harry.

After, we can perhaps assume, a quick rap on the knuckles from his manager and publicist, the sprinter tweeted a denial, only for The Times to print the transcript a day later.

He then went on to win the 4 X 100m sprint for his Jamaican team, quickly transforming from Games villain to hero in a matter of moments.

But it's this video of him dancing the running man to the Proclaimers that makes up for all the tent shaking and flag folding that numbed at least two people watching the Closing Ceremony last night into a comatose tedium:

Sadly, we won't be quite so entertained at the Commonwealth Games in 2018, set to take place on Australia’s Gold Cost.

"I want to be there," the Mail Online quotes him as saying, "but maybe not as an athlete".

The six-time Olympic champion continued: “I’ve always said that after Rio I will retire, but they keep saying I should go on to 2017 so I think I might just do that.


"I think that will be my last championships. I’m just happy I’ve done what I wanted to do in the sport.

"I remember asking Michael Johnson why he retired when he was at the top and he told me that there was nothing else for him to accomplish so I think that when you’re in the sport and you’ve accomplished everything else then you should just retire.

"There’s all these young kids coming up and I might start getting beaten and I hate losing."