Vivienne Westwood: 'If Prince Charles had ruled the world during the last 30 years, we would be all right'

The once anti-royal fashion designer chose an interesting new muse for her AW15 collection

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Perhaps the OBE had something to do with it.

But one can’t help but notice Dame Vivienne Westwood’s softening to the royal family over the years.

So much so, the world-renowned creator of the British punk aesthetic has even chosen a blue-blooded member to be her new muse.

Speaking at her AW15 show in Milan yesterday wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with a portrait of Prince Charles wearing a military beret, she said: “I want to pay tribute to Prince Charles and the great job he's doing.

“If Prince Charles had ruled the world according to his priorities during the last 30 years, we would be all right and we would be tackling climate change.”


She went on to praise the Prince of Wales for continued efforts in raising awareness about climate change and the benefits of organic produce.

But it wasn’t just Charles’ noble visage that was referenced in her new collection. Nods to the Princes’ style were referenced throughout the collection in the form of tailored suits, houndstooth coats and tweeds.

The Queen also starred on handbags and accessories as printed sterling notes.

Dame Vivienne is herself a strident environmental campaigner and a Greenpeace spokesperson.

She caused controversy in November last year by suggesting poorer people should “eat less” so they can afford to buy organic food during an interview on Radio 5 Live.

She later clarified her statement, saying: “My comments were related to eating less meat.”