Watch Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart parody car-crash celebrity interviews by asking each other gendered questions

Stewart enjoyed talking about sport while Eisenberg got called out on his appearence and personal life

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Kristen Stewart taught Jesse Eisenberg a valuable lesson in sexist Hollywood interviews by choosing to ask him the sort of questions she usually gets asked.

The spoof video mocks car-crash celebrity interviews by getting each of them to interview the other with questions they'd normally get themselves, highlighting an important point about the different ways actors and actresses are valued in the media.

Eisenberg's questions to Stewart were mainly about working out, being funny and supporting football.

But Stewart's questions to Eisenberg were about his looks, his clothes, his personal life and his physical traits.

The two joined forces with Funny or Die to promote their new movie America Ultra, but Kristen decided to ask her co-star the questions normally directed at women, like “Are you seeing anyone?”, “Are you pregnant?” and even asking Eisenberg if he had a favourite breast.

Eisenberg keeps remarking how he prefers his usual interview questions once Stewart asks him if he has a favourite designer.

“I guess, to be fair, Levis, although… I don’t know if that’s a person,” he admits. “I’m wearing their pants, and they fit. I don’t know, this seems stupid.”

Eisenberg’s questions to Stewart include how she bulks up for her roles and if she can do any ‘funny impressions’.

“Do you have a favourite sports team?” he asks her, before remarking that it “seems so much easier than being asked if you’re pregnant.”

After being bombarded with questions about having work done, his favourite chemical peel and even being asked if the camera can zoom in on his finger nails, Eisenberg gets hot under the collar, and Stewart suggests in a patronising tone he might find interviews uncomfortable.

“I’m not uncomfortable doing interviews, I just feel like a lot of the questions you’re asking me feel like they’re about things that are not about the movie.”

If the encounter reminds you of any other car crash interviews lately, it’s no coincidence. Earlier this week Kate Mara and Michael B Jordan had to handle an excruciatingly awkward interview which managed to be racist, sexist and downright weird.