Whoopi Goldberg tells Cara Delevingne to suck it up: 'She's not famous. I'M famous'

Goldberg was unmoved by Delevingne's awkward interview

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Whoopi Goldberg had some tough words for Cara Delevingne after the actress clashed with three US news anchors in a now infamous interview on a US daytime television show.

Delevingne appeared on Good Day Sacramento via video link to promote her new film, Paper Towns,  and was accused of being “tired”, “irritated” and “in a mood” by the anchors (one of who introduced her as 'Carla') after giving hostile responses.

She was eventually sent off air and told to “take a nap” as she muttered "too far" under her breath. The interview has been debated across the world, with sides split between the trite questions she was asked and the sarcastic answers she gave.

Goldberg made her feelings clear on the matter when one of her panelists on ABC’s The View  defended Delevigne, telling the 22-year-old: “Suck. It. Up”.

Goldberg continued: “She’s not a famous actress. She’s a newbie. I’M famous.

“It isn’t easy, but we are privileged for what we do. We are so lucky. If you are supposed to be doing this, you gotta find a way to suck it up. You don't get to be crappy to people - they're doing their job too."

When Raven-Symoné tried to defend Delevingne’s behaviour as an example of a generational difference, Goldberg was unmoved: “There’s professional and then there’s unprofessional."

Delevingne addressed the awkward interview in a tweet blaming the exchange on her hosts’ inability to comprehend sarcasm.

She remained defiant in the face of criticism in a second tweet where she refused to apologise “for being human”, adding: “I am soooooo lucky and anyone who thinks I am unappreciative or ungrateful clearly doesn't know me.”