Solange 'attacks' Jay Z in a lift: Pair seen shopping for jewellery, as more rumours circulate over that lift conversation

News of the sighting comes amid a torrent of rumours speculating over what the hip hop mogul

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Reports that Solange and Jay Z’s relationship has been rendered irreparable after a video of the singer lashing out at the rapper in a lift went viral were all but quashed last night.

The pair were apparently seen quietly shopping for women’s jewellery in Mr. Flawless, a midtown Manhattan store, the following day.

What Did Jay Z Say To Solange In The Lift?

According to TMZ, who originally leaked the elevator footage taken in the Standard Hotel, Jay Z and Solange tried nothing on, “browsed quietly” and left without making a single purchase. Store owner Greg Yuna added that there were “no signs of strife” between them.

News of the sighting comes amid a torrent of rumours speculating over what the hip hop mogul – who is married to Solange’s sister Beyoncé – could have possibly said to her to have caused such an extreme reaction.

Of the most plausible – yet unconfirmed by official sources – are reports that Jay Z had chastised his sister-in-law for getting into too many arguments at the Met Ball Gala.


“Jay Z was biting his tongue all night as he watched Solange in action,” a source told The Sun.

“At one point he was speaking to Hugh Jackman but couldn’t take his eyes off her.

“She had already had words with designer Rachel Roy and seemed to be on a roll.

“Before they got into the lift, he said a couple of things to her and she didn’t take kindly to it.”

Others suggest that the incident coincides with Solange’s increasingly erratic behaviour, which she has herself attributed to her having ADHD in the past. 

“People think I’m high even when I’m sober,” she said in a previous interview.

“I tell lies. Not proper lies, just little lies. I started telling them — jokes I should call them — when I was young.

“I’ve always had a sense of humour but people haven’t always shared it.”

Solange was in fine spirits when she performed at New York Magazine's Vulture festival just days after her row with Jay Z

Certainly, Beyoncé’s lack of reaction seemed to indicate that the sudden outburst was something she could possibly have been used to seeing.

The sisters apparently flew to Costa Rica days after the Met Ball Gala, where they were attending Kelly Rowland’s wedding to Tim Witherspoon.

Since then, Solange appeared in fine spirits as she took to the stage at  New York Magazine's Vulture Festival, even describing her week on Twitter by saying: "This might have been top 10 days ever in life".

However, it has been suggested that the “Losing You” singer also deleted every single family snap of herself, Jay Z and Beyoncé (bar one shot with her sister taken in 2013) from her record label Instagram account, indicating that family tensions might be more strained beneath the surface.

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