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Mr Robert Cecil, of Hambledon, Hampshire, the author and diplomat, left estate valued at pounds 773,010 net.

Mr Trevor Reginald Clay, of London NW3, General Secretary of the Royal College of Nursing 1982-89, left estate valued at pounds 155,798 net. He left a gold ring and papers to the Royal College of Nursing, together with one-twentieth of the residue for the Trevor Clay Fund, and one-twentieth of the residue each to the Whittington Hospital Nurses League and the British Lung Foundation

Mr Frank Yates, of Harpenden, Hertfordshire, the research statistician, and former Deputy Director of Rothamstead Experimental Station, left estate valued at pounds 590,302 net. He left pounds 10,000 together with royalties and other fees in respect of his books and papers to the Sir Ronald Fisher Memorial Fund of Great Britain.

Mr Peter Walter Cousins, of Shotesham All Saints, Norfolk, left estate valued at pounds 9,256,184 net.

Mr John Owen Howorth Greenly, of Kington, Herefordshire, left estate valued at pounds 3,299,756 net.

Mrs Anne Joyce Campion, of Milton Malsor, Northamptonshire, left estate valued at pounds 1,121,312 net.

Gladys Nellie, Lady Russon, of Barmouth, Gwynedd, left estate valued at pounds 2,900,505 net. She left pounds 50,000 to the North West Cancer Research Fund; pounds 25,000 to the RNIB; pounds 5,000 each to Barmouth Community Centre, and the Priory for Wales of the Venerable Order of St John of Jerusalem; pounds 2,500 to Caerdeon Church, near Barmouth; and pounds 2,000 each to Voluntary Service Overseas and the RSPCA, for their Meirionnydd branches.

Mr Stanley Stein, of London SW7, left estate valued at pounds 1,842,041 net. He left pounds 50,000 to Nightingale House Home for Aged Jews, London SW12, pounds 75,000 and half the residue to personal legatees, and half the residue to the Stanley Stein Charitable Trust.