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Professor Robert Alexander, of Great Shelford, Cambridgeshire, former Professor of Experimental Medicine at Cambridge University, left estate valued at pounds 597,182 net. He left pounds 10,000 to Sidney Sussex College.

Sir Stephen France Burman, of Barnet Green, Worcestershire, former Pro-Chancellor of Birmingham University, left estate valued at pounds 2,188,641 net.

Mrs Sarah Gwendoline Annie Owen-Lloyd, of Swansea, left estate valued at pounds 1,271,783 net.

Mr Douglas Arthur Jest, of Ware, Hertfordshire, left estate valued at pounds 1,006,705 net.

Mr Philip Anthony Breeze, of Stambourne, Essex, left estate valued at pounds 2,027,304 net. After personal bequests of pounds 87,000, he left the income from the balance of the residue to any one or more of the following charities; the residue equally between the Salvation Army, Hospital for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, Save the Children, National Children's Home, Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, Wood Green Animal Shelter, Oxfam, the Greenpeace Environmental Trust, Multiple Sclerosis Society, London Association for the Blind, NSPCC, Unicef UK Committee, RSPCA, Royal British Legion, Blue Cross, Redwings Horse Sanctuary and Brooke Hospital for Animals.