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Mr Les Dawson, of St Annes on Sea, Lancashire, the comedian, left estate valued at pounds 1,373,811 net.

Professor Harry Munroe Napier Hetherington Irving, formerly of Leeds, former Professor of Inorganic and Structural Chemistry, Leeds University, left estate in Britain valued at pounds 91,890 net. He left pounds 1,000 to St Edmund Hall, Oxford.

Major Sir John Alwyne Pelly, of Upham, Hampshire, former High Sheriff and Justice of the Peace for Hampshire, left estate valued at pounds 1,549,786 net.

Jacqueline Mary, Lady Wheldon, of Richmond, Surrey, the writer, widow of Sir Huw Wheldon, the former broadcaster and managing director of BBC Television, left estate valued at pounds 519,583 net.

Mr Leonard Charles Rollason, of Holywell Bay, Cornwall, left estate valued at pounds 1,362,498 net.

Mr Leslie Robert Cole, of Ashstead, Surrey, left estate valued at pounds 1,116,663 net.

Mary Heys-Jones, of London SW14, left estate valued at pounds 1,080,121 net.

Mr Bertie Walter Brazier, of South Darenth, Kent, left estate valued at pounds 2,115,183 net.

Mr Joseph Feller, of London NW6, left estate valued at pounds 1,646,375 net.

Mr Derek Wilde, of Penshurst, Kent, left estate valued at pounds 1,821,984 net.

Mr Arthur Ernest Garnett, of Bradford, West Yorkshire, left estate valued at pounds 1,037,549 net. He left a number of personal bequests and his collection of elephants, and the residue of his estate to the National Trust.

Mr Guy Holford Dixon, of Northamptonshire, Deputy Circuit Judge 1975-77, left estate valued at pounds 833,336 net. He left his collection of icons to the British Museum and his paintings to the Leicestershire Museums, Arts and Records Services, Leicester; pounds 1,000 to the Leicester Society of Artists, for an annual 'Guy Dixon Prize' for a painting, drawing or sculpture; pounds 1,000 each to the Leicester and Leicestershire Historic Churches Preservation Trust, St Mary's Parish Church, Brampton Ash, the Historic Houses Association, RNIB, and the Contemporary Art Society; and pounds 500 each to the National Trust and the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings.