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Professor Sir Henry Clifford Darby, of Cambridge, Professor of Geography at Cambridge University 1966-77, and general editor of the Domesday Geography of England, left estate valued at pounds 327,569 net.

Mrs Adele Helena Schwaiger, of Brooklands, Greater Manchester, the actress and singer 'Adele Dixon', left estate valued at pounds 510,254 net. She left her collection of Chinese and Mogul jade, her Japanese netsuke and a 1940 Cartier diamond and baton chip brooch to the Victoria and Albert Museum, and three-quarters of the residue to St Mary Abbott's Hospital, London W8, for use in the geriatric unit, and a quarter of the residue to the Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

Lt-Cdr Peter Kemp, of Maldon, Essex, the author and naval historian and former head of the Naval Historial Branch and Naval Librarian at the Ministry of Defence, left estate valued at pounds 222,297 net.

Mr Alban Randall Caroe, of London W8, former architect to the Diocese of Bath and Wells, left estate valued at pounds 915,708 net. He left pounds 5,000 each to the Historic Churches Preservation Trust, and the Priory Church of St Bartholomew the Great, London EC1, pounds 1,000 to the Royal Institution of Great Britain, and pounds 500 each to Brecon Cathedral, St David's Cathedral, Dyfed, Wells Cathedral and the National Trust.

Col Sir Martin St John Valentine Gibbs, of Ewen, Gloucestershire, Lord-Lieutenant of Gloucestershire, left estate valued at pounds 290,825 net. He left pounds 5,000 each to St Michael's Cheshire Home, Axbridge, Somerset, and the Bishop of Gloucester, for general diocesan purposes, and pounds 1,000 to the Benevolent Fund of the Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry.

Miss Marian Brunskill, of Bury, Greater Manchester, left estate valued at pounds 934,574 net. After personal bequests of pounds 2,000, she left pounds 25,000 to the Hospice for Bury Association, pounds 10,000 to the National Hospitals for Nervous Diseases, London, for research, pounds 1,000 each to Manchester Royal Infirmary, and the Christie Hospital, Manchester, both for research, and a further pounds 500 each to their Samaritan Funds, pounds 1,000 each to the Hospitals for Sick Children, Great Ormond Street, London, for the comfort of child patients; and St John's Free Church of England, Tottington, desiring that half be used for the upkeep of the church premises and half to augment the Minister's salary, and the residue to her Trustees wishing it to benefit possible research into causes of nervous diseases and cancer and the comfort of patients suffering from the same, including those within the Protein Phosphorylation Unit of the Medical Research Council in the Biochemistry Department of Dundee University.

Mr Gerald Paton Rivett Esdale, of London NW11, left estate valued at pounds 5,339,649 net.