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Mr Francis Bacon, of London SW7, the artist, left estate valued at pounds 10,923,900 net.

Admiral Sir David John Hallifax, of Englefield, Berkshire, Constable and Governor of Windsor Castle, and Chief of Staff to Admiral Sir John Fieldhouse, Commander-in-Chief Fleet, during the Falklands War, left estate valued at pounds 195,944 net.

Mrs Janette May Porterfield Blanckenhagen, of Richmond, Surrey, former director of the Breast Care and Mastectomy Association, left estate in the UK valued at pounds 221,969 net.

Mr Charles Austen Impey, of Blandford Forum, Dorset, a housemaster at Eton 1965-80, left estate valued at pounds 480,809 net. He left the portrait of his grandfather Edward Impey to Eton College, and one case of wine from his collection to the Eton College Wine Society.

Anne Rosemary, Baroness Lucas of Crudwell and Baroness Dingwall, of Winchester, Hampshire, left estate valued at pounds 3,920,589 net.

Miss Marguerite Mary Pauline Blount, of East Grinstead, West Sussex, left estate valued at pounds 2,370,815 net.

Mr Edward William Fattorini, of Tockwith, North Yorkshire, left estate valued at pounds 11,400,435 net. He left pounds 40,000 to his chauffeur.

Maud Elizabeth Reddihough, of Farnhill, North Yorkshire, left estate valued at pounds 1,099,331 net. She left pounds 5,000 to her domestic help and pounds 2,000 to her gardnener, if in her employ at her death and not under notice; pounds 2,000 to the Royal Association in Aid of the Deaf and Dumb; pounds 1,000 each to the British Wireless for the Blind Fund, the East End Mission, South London Mission, the Salvation Army, for use in Yorkshire, and John Groom's; and the residue to the Northern Baptist Theological College, Rusholme, Manchester, to be known as the 'The Maude Elizabeth Reddihough Trust Fund'.

Margaret Whyte, of Saltford, Avon, left estate valued at pounds 1,143,818 net. She left her six- place setting Georgian silver cutlery set to the National Trust, together with her shares in AB Foods plc, desiring they benefit the Wessex region, her Scot shares issued by Save & Prosper Securities to the RNLI, and the cash proceeds of her Premium Bonds and National Savings Certificates equally between the Children's Society, Barnardo's, the London Association for the Blind, Gardeners Royal Benevolent Society and PDSA.

Mr Gerald Segelman, of London W1, left estate valued at pounds 7,937,609 net. He left pounds 2,000 to the New Central Vilna and Etz Chaim Synagogue, Leeds, together with such sum as his Trustees deem proper for saying Kaddish, and pounds 2,000 each to the United Hebrew Congregation, Leeds, Donisthrope Hall Residential Nursing Home, Leeds, the Jewish Board of Deputies, the Jewish Blind and Physically Handicapped Society, the Western Marble Arch Synagogue, London W1, Salvation Army and Church Army.

Mr Charles Rutland Marsden, of Dorchester, Dorset, left estate valued at pounds 604,647 net. He left pounds 12,000 and some effects and shares and one-third of the residue to personal legatees and one-third of the residue each to the British Diabetic Association and the Imperial Cancer Research Fund.

Mr Norman Henry Collins, of Ashley Heath, Dorset, left estate valued at pounds 183,470 net. He left pounds 100,000 to form the 'Glennis Elsie May Collins Memorial Fund' for such charitable purposes as the fund's Trustees from time to time think fit and pounds 25,000 each to the Chichester Festival Theatre and the Glyndebourne Arts Trust, both for charitable purposes.

Mr Clifford Frederick Hopkins, of Brixham, Devon, left estate valued at pounds 241,950 net. He left personal legacies of pounds 1,400 and the residue equally between the Imperial Cancer Research Fund and Marie Curie Cancer Care.