Wimbledon 2014: The awkward moment Victoria Beckham met Samuel L Jackson... And no-one knew what to say

In among Sean Connery, Hugh Jackman and Bradley Cooper sat perhaps the most awkward conversation in Wimbledon history

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The famous were out in force at the Wimbledon’s men’s singles final on Sunday (6 July).

Captivating Federer-cheering fans in the Royal Box, just behind the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, where the likes of Bradley Cooper, Hugh Jackman (oddly sporting his new Charles Bronson-meets-ringmaster look), Chris Hemsworth and Sean Connery, among others.

Also there? David and Victoria Beckham, who were positioned slap bang next to little-known Pulp Fiction legend Samuel L. Jackson for the duration of the match, which saw Djokovic beat Federer to claim his second Wimbledon title in a nail-biting five sets.

What did they talk about, we wonder?

Well, judging by this particularly awkward Vine - which features some stellar thigh-stroking from Jackson - not an awful lot:

And it seemed to remain that way throughout, if the images taken of the box during the game are anything to go by:


Except for this one shot in which, we can only assume, they briefly conversed to note the ball of tumbleweed slowly mounting in size as it blew between them. That and the distant sound of church bells: