Zayn Malik fans misunderstand singer's tweet about Wu-Tang Clan rapper Method Man, wrongly think he's taking meth

"You did meth???????" wrote one upset fan

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After Zayn Malik left One Direction, signed a solo record contract, and split up with Perrie Edwards in the space of a few months, his devoted fanbase deserve a rest. But the poor bunch were sent into overdrive on Twitter when the singer appeared to write about meth.

In a post which appeared to be taken from a Snapchat screengrab, the singer can be seen posing on a balcony overlooking a bustling city under the caption: “meth and red man tonight”.

Aside from the usual messages declaring that the singer is “perfect”, some fans tweeted their concern that one of their favourite popstars was dabbling with illegal stimulants.

But other Twitter users more well-versed in hip-hop culture stepped in to reassure fans that Malik was simply tweeting about Method Man and Redman, respective members of the iconic Wu-Tang Clan and Def Squad groups.

A photo featuring Malik alongside Method Man and Redman later cleared up the confusion once and for all.