Zayn Malik's furious Twitter spat with Calvin Harris has everyone cringing

When will famous figures start thinking before clicking the 'Tweet' button?

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Zayn Malik was embroiled in yet another very public spat last night that culminated in him telling DJ Calvin Harris to “calm his knickers before them dentures fall out” as the internet collectively cringed.

The argument erupted, as they often do in today's social-media obsessed world, after Harris, who is dating Taylor Swift, was angered by one of Malik’s posts on Twitter.

Harris, 31, reacted furiously when Malik retweeted a post from the account @femaletexts comparing Taylor Swift to Miley Cyrus. The tweet spliced a screenshot of an interview with Swift where she discussed withdrawing her music from Spotify with a screenshot of interview where Miley Cyrus talked about her Happy Hippie Foundation and said: “I’ve made my money. If no one buys my album, cool. It’s fine.”

In a second tweet, Malik wrote: “G statement”, which Harris understood as the 22-year-old agreeing, prompting him to launch into a Twitter rant defending his girlfriend. Malik has since deleted his retweet, although their embarrassing exchange is still available for all to see.

Malik, who is becoming increasingly outspoken since quitting One Direction to become his "real" self, retorted with a few strongly-worded tweets of his own.

As an afterthought, he added:

Harris quickly backed down in a series of tweets claiming the whole incident was simply a misunderstanding.

But Malik has yet to accept his best wishes gracefully.