Breathtaking images of a man standing on top of the Wembley Arch


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A British adventurer has become the first person to stand on top of Wembley stadium's famous arch – and live-streamed his breathtaking view to the world.

James Kingston, 24, climbed to the top of the monument before stepping out at the tallest point of the arch, 425ft above the pitch.

Take a look at the incredible images:


“It's such an iconic landmark. I've stood on the top of buildings and structures all over the world but I've never felt more on top of the world than on the top of Wembley arch today”

James Kingston live-streaming the climb above Wembley

It wasn't the first daredevil stunt for Mr Kingston, whose videos attract millions of fans on YouTube

The tallest part of the arch is 425ft

James Kingston stands on top of the Wembley Arch