'Faces of the Flood': Photos of the Somerset Levels show the incredible effort and solidarity among those tackling the chaos

Photographer Charlie Clift shot a range of helpers, from residents to police officers

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Behind the statistics that make up the wettest winter on record, with its 486mm of rain and myriad flood warnings, are the stories of the communities affected.

Photographer Charlie Clift met and snapped the men and women who helped with the flood relief in the desperate and sodden Somerset Levels, and has put together a powerful blog of the resulting images.

His photos tell the stories of farmers, pump suppliers and members of the Avon and Somerset Police, as well as local residents who wanted to help their neighbours in need.

“I hope the pictures will promote the flood relief efforts and encourage more people to help,” Clift said.

Clift added that he wanted the project to show the solidarity among those tackling the difficulties in the Somerset Levels.

The extreme weather that has blighted the UK in a series of storms since December, has seen insurers pay out £14million in emergency payments to help households deal with the damage, with some areas still under water.