UNITED photo contest: Amazing images from inspirational photographers surrounding the 2014 FIFA World Cup  


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Sports have the ability to transform groups of strangers into a united community. In the celebratory spirit surrounding the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Sony and the World Photography Organisation present UNITED - a contest honouring the passion of football fans around the world.

Seven inspirational photographers have been selected by Sony and WPO to capture the atmosphere and celebration of the World Cup across the globe. 

On a daily basis, these seven photographers provide imagery from Europe, Asia, North and South America that symbolises unity, community and the passion of football fans worldwide.

In addition to delivering geographically and artistically diverse imagery to the brief, these photographers serve as inspiration to the “United photography contest”, run in conjunction with the Sony World Photography Awards.

The United Inspirational Photographers are: Anthony Lepinay (France), Ariel Jacobsen (Argentina), Ashleigh Rae Staton (USA), Federico Modica (Italy), Taro Karibe (Japan), Zackary Canepari (Brazil), Myriam Meloni (Spain).

The United contest encourages photographers to enter their images that display celebration, community and unity - whether celebrating a win in a pub full of sports enthusiasts, on the field playing your own match, hovered around the television with your friends, or in the stadium surrounded by millions of fellow fans.

The contest is free to enter and open until 13 July 2014. Enter at worldphoto.org/united