Police in shoot-out with gang

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Seven people were arrested and one was wounded when armed police ambushed a gang who had hijacked a security van in London yesterday.

Flying Squad officers had apparently been lying in wait for the van at the warehouse in Fulham, south-west London, following an armed robbery in Knightsbridge.

Police, wearing bullet-proof vests and carrying MP5 carbine machine pistols, fired up to seven shots in after stopping the suspect van.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman described how a security van containing a large amount of cash had been making a delivery in the Knightsbridge area when it was hijacked by four armed men on two motorcycles.

The van was taken, with the guards inside, about four miles away to the derelict warehouse."As a result of the action of one of the suspects a number of shots were fired by the police," she said. "One of the suspects was slightly wounded with a grazed wrist."

Five men were arrested at the scene and another was picked up nearby. The seventh - a woman - was arrested later. The guards who were taken hostage were not hurt.

Police recovered the stolen cash as well as a loaded revolver, masks and radios. An inquiry is being carried out by the Complaints Investigatory Bureau - standard procedure when police open fire.